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April 2018



Our perspective on seeking opportunities


I’m Tom Plumb, the president of Wisconsin Capital Management and the senior portfolio manager for the Plumb Funds.

At the Plumb Funds, we believe that you should use your powers of observation.


Thomas G. Plumb, CFA

President, Wisconsin Capital Management

Portfolio Manager, Plumb Funds


What’s happening in the economy? Who’s enabling it? Who’s benefitting from it? and

Who’s being displaced by it?


Secular change

Who’s enabling?

Who’s benefitting?

Who’s being displaced?


We find companies by looking at who is making the changes that we’re all seeing today.

So, think of John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company. How did he become who he did? He identified that automobiles were going to need gasoline. He identified what was happening, how to participate, and what he was going to have to do to be the leader.

Think about the concept of innovation. Steve Jobs was quoted that if he would have asked people, he would never have invented the iPhone.





You come up with something brand-new, and you create the market. That’s innovation. That’s disruption for how things were done in the past. But it defines a whole new concept of how we do things.

Innovation comes from not just seeing what things are but seeing what things might be. If you can identify the proper secular change, then those companies that have innovated and are disrupting in our perspective, are going to be great investments over time.

Our investment philosophy is that stocks can provide growth. Bonds can moderate the volatility of stocks. Put them together in an investment portfolio, we can serve our shareholders.

At the Plumb Funds, we believe that growth is the main characteristic that you want to look for in an investment. Why take the risk of volatility if a company doesn’t have great potential for the future? So, in our perspective, growth is your best offense and your best defense. Because those companies that are going to be the leaders tomorrow, they’re going to be options today for you to invest.

 Tomorrow’s leaders are options today.

We want to participate with those companies.



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