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The Plumb Funds are always on the lookout for companies they believe are on "the bleeding edge of technology."  Tom Plumb shares insights and top picks with The Wall Street Transcript.


Tom Plumb sees opportunity in a secular trend in financial transaction processing. He shares insights and stock picks on TD Ameritrade Network's The Watch List.

Tom Plumb thinks the Federal Reserve can improve their models to reflect the disruptive effect of software as a service (SaaS) and the Internet of Things (IoT). He shares insights on the financial technology sector and stock picks.

Factors beyond the stock market are affecting the bond market according to Tom Plumb. He sees great opportunity in the ability for investors to expand their markets around the entire world.

Balanced investing makes sense to help offset some volatility in the market in Tom Plumb's opinion. He tries to participate in the long-term nature of the stock market but moderate with bonds to offset significant downdrafts.

Tom Plumb sees a strong dollar and the advent of new technologies fostering greater productivity for companies and individuals in this radio interview with Bloomberg's DayBreak Asia. 

It’s about how, not where, people spend money, says fund manager Tom Plumb. Tom is fascinated by the digitization of payment systems across the globe. The Plumb Balanced Fund is unusual in that the stock portion consists of growth-style stocks.That helps to explain how the mutual fund has fared.

This spotlight on balanced funds reviewed the Plumb Balanced Fund among its peers – a category of funds that rebalance assets between stocks and bonds to a set allocation.

Plumb Balanced Fund Earns Five Stars; Equity Fund Earns Four Stars: “The funds have maintained a disciplined investment strategy that has served shareholders very well.”

The recent market correction provided an opportunity to buy stocks at a discount, add to key holdings and initiate new positions. Prospective holdings in the Fund depend on worldwide trends that Tom Plumb believes will “transcend short-term ebbs and flows in the stock market.” He has found large, fast-growing companies often have the potential to withstand this kind of short-term volatility.

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